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US security and economy ‘undoubtedly put at risk’ by China

WASHINGTON — China’s hegemonic ambitions pose certain risk to U.S. security and economic interests, a bipartisan congressional panel said in a report released on Wednesday. The 2018 report by the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission criticizes Beijing’s attempt to turn Asian seaports into military supply bases. It...
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Why Italy’s economy is stagnating

Why is Italy’s economy so sickly and has the country’s new government found the cure for its economic ills? As Rome locks horns with Brussels over a draft Italian budget that the European Commission has rejected for breaching EU rules, the Financial Times has consulted leading economists, academics...
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Robert J. Samuelson: It’s no longer about the economy

One lesson of the midterm elections is that economic growth is losing its power to unite the country and to reduce explosive conflicts over race, religion, ethnicity, immigrant status and sexuality. This is unfamiliar. Economic progress has been a routine part of our election narratives. The presumption is...
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