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The benefits and price of L Theanine Vs Suntheanine

There are various natural components in the body which regulate the health of body and mind and thereby keep a person healthy and fit. This happens only when these components are produced in enough quantities and it is when these are produced in a low quantity that one needs to worry about it as it will then bring about many health disorders. But thankfully, you get many health supplements to negate such loss. Two such supplements are L Theanine and Suntheanine.

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Knowing L Theanine and Suntheanine

Actually our body contains an amino acid and L Theanine is that amino acid which is also available in the proprietary form of supplements which are made from green tea leaves which contain the amino acid. It can cross blood-brain barrier and thus help alleviate anxiety symptoms.

Suntheanine is a proprietary form derived from L-Theanine and is manufactured synthetically.

Benefits of L Theanine

Today, there are many who consume green tea as it is proved to have beneficial effects on health. It is also known that green tea has been consumed by people even years and centuries ago. So, L Theanine supplements which are derived from green tea leaves extracts can bring about the same benefits as green tea.

L Theanine is a anxiolytic compound which means it is able to activate neurochemicals and thereby regulating the responses of nervous system. It can stimulate the GABA levels, which is responsible for transmitting stress messages and enhancing metabolism. L Theanine can also bring about the breakdown of dopamine which allows increase in the levels of serotonin which in turn is responsible for reducing stress. Thus L Theanine can bring about relaxation, calm muscles, and bring about a sense of peace. It can also help in stimulation of pleasure centers in the body.

Looking at the effects of L Theanine vs Suntheanine

Since both the compounds are related, the obvious question is if there is any difference in efficacy and as to which compound is more beneficial. When it comes to their working manner, both L Theanine and Suntheanine work similarly and that is they enhance the GAMA levels and stimulate alpha brain waves.  Both the supplements can bring about decrease in stress levels, and anxiety disorders and also enhance relaxation. Thus, there aren’t any noticeable differences in the benefits of L Theanine and Suntheanine. The difference may be in the dosage required, the price and so on.

When it comes to the price factor, Suntheanine is more expensive than L Theanine. That is because Suntheanine is manufactured as a brand while L Theanine is more renowned as a plant extract and a natural ingredient. Since both the products have similar properties and benefits, you can buy what suits your budget. Yet, it is important to note that though L Theanine is cheaper than Suntheanine, it is necessary that you buy only original L Theanine supplements.  The benefit of buying Suntheanine at a bigger price that since it is a branded product, it is authentic and original.  If you buy L Theanine from authentic stores, be it, offline or online, you can derive the same benefits as Suntheanine but at a relative lower price.