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Winstrol – Learn about the Side Effects

Winstrol is one of the best drugs. The ability of lowering the sex binding hormone globulin (which breaks down the effectiveness of other steroids) by the use of winstrol has made it best choice for users as even lower doses do the trick unlike other steroids need higher doses to do the same effect which can be seen in days of intake of winstrol.

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How it was banned

These steroids were banned by the sporting authorities which were against the fairness of play. The usage of drug by done by all athletes.It was through dope tests which were conducted randomly to catch the users with a ban and fine for using banned substances during play and having an unfair advantage over the opponent. There were many famous names which were stuck in this drug scandal such as Ben Johnson, Rodney Howe and many, many other have been put to shame by their indulgence in drugs.

When this drug is stacked with other steroids it helps the other steroids to reach their target spots and allow them to to work as prescribed. Not only this, the use of winstrol helps in the release of testosterone in the body.

Half cycles of stanozolol

The half cycle of this drug is to known because before a test or when you want to completely wean off or know when to start a new cycle and the drug effect is wearing off. Hence it would good to notify that that when consumed orally the active life will be of 8 to 9 hours and injectable stanozolol will have 36 to 48 hours and you will have half lives of  4 to 5 hours and 16 to 24 hours there on.

This steroid gets even better with other steroids and this process of taking a combo of supplements is called stacking. Stanozolol is better stacked with Anavar, HGH, trenbolone and of course testosterone. All these work well for the kind of body that you would be working out for.

Side effects of winstrol

The typical side effects of oral steroids are more on the liver and partially by injectable ones. Here care has to be taken on the dosage levels. Other side effect would be of joint pains which are taken care of by other medications.

There have been complaints of nauseous and drowsiness feelings, abdominal pains, light coloured stools to dark coloured urine, yellowing of the skin and the eyes, this indicates that the drug has affected the liver. Other mentionable effects are headaches, hair loss and acne as the hormones get effected too in the process.

There have been rare incidents of swelling, itching of skin, hives, and skin irritations to other oddities such as persistent erections, enlargement of the clitoris, tenderness of the breast and menstrual irregularities. These have to be consulted upon by a qualified medical professional and addressed immediately upon noticing as these could later stem on to larger issues which may not be treatable and may have to be borne as long as you live.