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Variances of China and Taiwan

China and Taiwan have different identities. People who live in China or roots are from China are called Chinese. On the other hand, people in Taiwan are called Taiwanese. When you see them, they do not differ in their facial features. You won’t be able to tell them apart. Although they may have a lot of similarities with their culture, language, and lifestyle, they are different in many ways.

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Gender equality is one of the major differences you will notice. In China, they treat men with high remarks. If your child is a boy, it is a blessing to the family especially if he’s the first born. Taiwan, on the other hand, upholds equality between men and women. They respect each other and do not treat the opposite sex as inferior nor do they regard themselves as superior.

Their language and writing also differ greatly. Although you will see some resemblance, Chinese character use in Mainland China simplified Chinese characters while Taiwanese use traditional, more popularly known as complex Chinese characters. Chinese accents are also distinctive depending on with part of the country you are in. Some have dialects with also give a different version of words and accent. In relation to language, the differences of body language and respect of another’s personal space between these countries is noticeable. In Taiwan, they respect each other’s personal space. They are organized in public areas such a bus stop or train stations. They wait in line for their turns which to them is a sign of respect. Even etiquette in the streets is practiced, taxi drivers do not scramble for passenger instead they give each other the proper chance to find passengers. In China, everyone wants to be first. Although they have a set of rules to follow, they do not obey and instead rush themselves and not waiting in line for their turns.

Taiwanese people get involved in their politics more freely than Chinese have a say in the government. China is governed by unitary and communist powers. This means that the government has a single supreme power and the branches only exercise the powers that the head delegates. The communist party took over China in 1949 led by Mao Zedong. The revolution’s goal was to clear all cultural and capitalist influences in the country. However, in the 1970s, market economy was introduced to China, which has shifted the minds of the Chinese. Ever since the capital reforms that were introduced despite the nation being a communist country has made China’s economy one of the biggest in the world. On the other hand, Taiwan has a multiparty democratic type of government. It composes of five government branches namely legislative yuan, executive yuan, judicial yuan, examination yuan and control yuan. Each branch has its own function and responsibility in law and policy making and citizen management.

Taiwan used to be a province of China. Due to a lot of political and social issues, Taiwan had pulled away and declared its independence from China. For how many years, the have been working on merging and having just one state encompassing China and Taiwan. This refers to the One-China Principle. Western countries have been closely watching the moves China and strengthening their relations with this superpower. Like the United States today, the Trump administration has given its views on the One-China principle. The president respects the fact that the two nations, both with strong economies, are inseparable. The alliances with these countries will start to grow in the next few years. Hopes are high the current administration pursues and supports the Taiwan Relations Act that involves providing weaponry resources in Taiwan.