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It’s True, Men and Women Remember Pain Differently

 new study looked at ways that men and women perceive pain. Men may tolerate pain better than women, but new research finds they’re more stressed when it comes to how they remember it. A new report published this month in the journal Current Biology evaluated how male and female mice...
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Why You Should Care About the Uncertain Status of Obamacare

Enrollment is down and the Affordable Care Act’s legality is being challenged. Here’s how it could affect you. Enrollment has declined slightly in Affordable Care Act health insurance plans. The program, also known as Obamacare, is also under legal attack in a case that now appears headed to...
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Most People Lie to Their Doctor: Here’s Why

When a physician asks health-related questions, they usually expect the wholehearted truth. After all, honesty is supposed to be the best policy. However, if you’ve stretched the truth to your doctor, you may not be alone. A new study shows that between 60 and 80 percent of patients...
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